Jill D Burnett Revocable Trust

Scott County Regional Authority

The Arc of the United States

Kim Cafferty

Alla Rakesh and Dhatri Alla Charitable Foundation

Jack I. Cobb

Genesis Health System

John Donald O’Shea

Vonderhaar Family Foundation

ACHIEVEMENT $5,000 – $9,999

Quad City Bank & Trust

INDEPENDENCE $2,500 – 4,999

Dispatch Argus Santa Fund

Margaret and Roald Tweet

Paul Trich

Mike and Tracy Poelvoorde

COMMUNITY $1,000 – $2,499

Francis and Sue Vroman

Bernice and Abraham Gunaseelan

Howard and Geraldine Knaack Foundation

Ben Nefzger

Renaissance Reinsurance

Joseph and Donna Terfler

Dollars for Doers Program

John Adolpson

Rosemary Costello

Thomas and Kathleen Conrad

Joan and Stephen Conrad

Cobham Mission Systems Davenport LLS

Mutual of America

Quad Cities Investment Group

Paul DeWispelaere

Dr. Carrie Montford

Mary Radloff

Laura Swift

John Deere Classic

Gerald Buchen

Travis Cutler

Janis and Todd Haugen

Jasen Johnston

Knights of Columbus-Leo Council #716 East Moline

Lee Foundation Santa Fund

Lisa and Andrew Ploehn

Doug and Kyle Rick

M. Kathleen Seusy

Dr. John and Sherry Williams


William Nelson

Constellation Quad Cities Generating Station

Laurie Arnold

Tere Huberburrill

Bozeman, Neighbour, Patton, & Noe

Catherine and Benjamin Olvera

Blackhawk Bank & Trust

Mike and Michele Montford

James Patton

J. L. Brady LLC

Kimberly Dominguez

Knights of Columbus-Allouez Council #658 Rock Island

Sheila O’Shea

UnitedHealthcare Services, Inc.

Brenda Maess

Donald and Katherine Healy

Laurie and Jerry Ochs

Paul and Sheila Guse

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

John and Susan Crampton



Chris Elsberg

Geneseo Comm Charitable Foundation

Diana and Thomas Hoffmann

Jim and Twila Mitchell

Gregory and Mary Pacelli

Jay Price

Quad Cities Community Foundation

Tony and Judy Rosa-Gastaldo



Honorable Patrick and Char Verschoore

DIVERSITY $250 – $499

Dr. Robert and Suzy White

Heritage Landscape Design

Peter Esparza

Michael Glanz

Patrica Allison

Patrick Doherty

Kurt and Meg Davis

Christi DeWispelaere

Mr. Siva Ganesh

Christina E. Harper

Nathan Burress

Dominga Zambrano

James Norris

Sarah and Dean Wright

Mary S.Adams

Pattie Haines

Joel Davidson

John and Kathy Bucciferro

Richard C. Remley

Alfred and Joan Beck

Randall Peeters

Astro America

Moline Township

Beulah Morrow

Gregory Nefzger

William Peutz

William E. and Julie A. Tanner

Barb Goettig

Erin O’Shea

Terri Farditurkmani

Leslie and Ronald Hartman

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

Clarence and Lili Darrow

Edward Jones Charitable Gift Fund

Caroline Hicks

I.B.E.W. Local Union #145

Paula Kahn

Mark E and Kimberly C Mayeski Giving Fund

Michael O’Neill

Cynthia Volpe-Price

Richard, Marcia and William Voltz

Western Structural Company

INTEGRITY $100 – $249

Sarah Bohnsack

Kristine Loy

Jeffrey Snyder

Steven and Gretta Knight

Flora Lawhorn

Andrew Ploehn

Gary Mohr

Fresh Films

Cindy Ferguson

Antonella’s Pizzeria II

Bozeman, Neighbour, Patton, & Noe

Gary Camp

Craig Glassner

Ronald and Charlotte Gress

Happy Joe’s

Mark and Sharon Hink

Emma Hoke

Elizabeth James

JC Construction

Linda Johnson

Eve Kinney

Cheryl and Daniel Klossing

Gina Livingston

Dick and Jane McClean

Linda McCullough

Milan Lions Club

Michael and Mandy Montford

Julia A. Nielsen

Bretn and melinda Norgaard


Quad City Pizza Co.

Quality Plus Body Shop

Tom Schroeder

UnitedHealth Group Dollars for Doers Program

Give Lively Foundation Inc.

Valerie Adamson

Jeffrey Lindaman

Louise Ramirez

Robi Brewer

Thomas K. and Judith A. Peterson

Kendrick Steele

William Bateman

Tara Huntley

Matthew McCormick


Donald W. and Leona Peterson-Spear

Maria Avila

Martin Corey

David and Janet Allan

Linda Cantrell

Kim Coppola

David Napsky

Dan Talaga

Marshall Talaga

Gene Thomas

Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC

Marie Dewispelaere

Sue Gadient

Staci Nielsen

Sara and Brian Baseggio

Milton and Linda Beale

Nicholas Book

Thomas and Deborah Bracke


Califf & Harper, P.C.

Lizabeth and Scott Chaney

Congregation of the Humility of Mary

Martin and Dorothy Davis

Max and Diane Davis

Lexi Dawson

Robert and Anna DeBo

Donald and Jayne DePaepe

Kevin Dewaele

John and Irasu Dockery-Jackson

Ellard Law, PLLC

Sharon Freeman

Teri Behrends

Mary Gloeckner

Jack and Ruth Gowan

Jeannette E. Hall

Karen Hanna

Richard and Sheryl Haugeberg

Anthony and Patricia Hodge

Mike Holmes and Paula Brown

James Horstmann

Gary R. Johnson

Janet Johnson

Valerie Johnson

Steve Kautz

Jack and Mary Knepp

Melinda and Stephen Kruse

Kathryn Lawhorn

Ron and Karen Leemans

Lori Lefstein

John and Bonnie Leinart

David and Pamela Lemon

Joe Loverher

Christine Marckese

James B. Marsh

Amy Maxwell

Donald and Karen Maze

Paul and Sue McDevitt

Carolyn McManus

MidAmerican Energy Co.

Douglas Miller

Rachael Mullins

John J. Myers

Glen and Teresa Perkins

Curtis and Nancy Rickenberg

Lynn Robinson

David and Sylvia Rodts

Mary Rourke

Jack and Jean Seyller

Ann and Tim Slavin

Ron and Becky Smolenski

Roger and Carol Strandlund

Mark Struelens-Oak

Gene Thomas

Timothy and Patricia Tulon

Virdi Eye Clinic

Michael and Candace Walters

Michael Warner, Attorney at Law

David and Betty Zimmer



Jamie Hopkins

Cindy Crosby

James and Elizabeth Bromley Loveless

Jennifer S. Moran

Susan Smith

Keith and Pamela Turner

Kristi Mixon

Lizette Desseyn

Carol Ramsay Brown

James and Gina Brunk

Amy Bucciferro

Emma Carrillo-Peters

Bill & Judy Cleaver

Jim and Marcia Harl

Bradley and Bryce Johnson

Sonja Knudsen

Nicole Koellner

Lisa and Jeffrey Martens

James and Mary Anne Stewart

Timothy Ashdown

Dennis and Lois Pauley

George and Jan Wilken

James and Debora Sullivan

Lori and Tony Dixon

Tracey McGinty

Jenny Miller

Media Link Inc.

Sandi and Joshua Newlin

Kristina Lindstrom

Lee Dobereiner

Shirley Rhoads

Karen Steen

Jerome Bald and Veronica Boudreau

Dennis and Sharon Baraks

Elizabeth Bornhoeft

Kathleen Brewer

Larry and Karen Burns

Larry and Sharon Chapple

Circuit Wide Reporting

Virginia Clayton

Fermin and Victoria Cortez

Meyer and Vedrine Cunningham

Sandy DeMay

Tim and Andrea DeWaele

Michael or Keri Doyle

Joseph and Laurie Edmondson

Bruce and Gina Frenell

Maria Gallenstein

Lawrence and Cynthia Graves

Isabel Gualajara

Norman Hall

James and Rebecca Hasselbusch

Ramon Henry

Patricia Hudson

Iossi Construction, Inc.

Gerald and Mary Jacobs

Robin James

Dennis Jennings

Boyd and Kathleen Johnson

Neal and Barb Keller

Bernard and Carol Klauer

Betty Kraemer

Thomas and Elizabeth Lagomarcino

Linda Lambin

Linda Lane

Linda LaPorte

John and Melody Loft

Peggy Love

Cheryl and Steward Lyman

Nancy Lyngholm

Gretchen and Michael McCanna

Allen McCaulley

Gretchen McLaughlin

Mike and Denise McNeil

Lisa Mennemeier

Kevin and Sharon Meredith

Darline and Joseph Miljush

David and Gretchen Mills

Linda Minas

Robert and Janice Minor

Ken and Donna Musgrove

Robert Nash

Steven and Regina Nelson

Matthew P. and Nancy A. Nielsen

Robert and Marilyn Noe

Olivet Baptist Church

Richard and Eleanor O’Neill

Polly Parrent

Cathy and J.A. Pastorek

Carol Patton

Frieda Petty

Ruth A. Pisman

Burney Pomlee

Tim Rangel

Kathy Reumann

John Sandway

Amber Schmidt

Kyle Severtson

George and Linda Sollenberger

Sandie Southerland

Denise Strupp

Truman and Diane Symmonds

J. Taylor

James Teros

Clara Thompson

Carol Tolley

Julie Treloar

Marcia Unwin

Marvin and Mary Verscheure

Kevin and Beth Waldman

Amy Watters-Moeller

Wright Cycles

Cathy M. Anderson

Samantha Hamor

Suzanne J. Liggitt

Mechelle Simmons

Cindy Walker

Sharon Hodson

Lois Wadsworth

Matthew and Kathleen Anderson

Alice Orsborn

Michelle Kresin

Courtney Buchanan

Arthur and Diane Fanter

Arvid and Carol Hagberg

John Harris

John or Gale Hoff

Sally Kulig

Georgia Lovejoy

Nick Maess

T.J. and Emily Marckese

Mark and Linda Matheis

Sara McBeth

Sharon and Thomas McKean

Virginia Plutz

Mary Wells

Janice and Daniel Wessel

Linda Golden

Jeffrey Condit

Paulette Kuehl

Gary and Judith Loss

Donald and Sue Rimkus

Carl Sandoval

Jeffrey & Teresa Kym Vandygriff

Josie and Leonard Wahl

Rochelle Plumb

Teri Fulton

Sandra Higgins

Sherry Rawson

Kayla Schmidt

Mark Seaholm

Deanna Minteer

Miles Davidson

David and Melissa Dell

Monica Esterdahl

Mary Fuson

Avalon Gibson

Michael and Tracey Gowdy

Kathleen Hesse

Charles and Susan Johnson

Virgil and Patricia Johnson

Margaret Lloyd

Janet Pauly

Scott Valleroy

Deanna Welfer

Stephen and Jane Alexander

Cheryl and Joe Ashcraft

Lynnette Beghtol

James and Mary Sue Billings

Michelle Breneman

Selah Bucciferro

Thomas and Judith Callahan

Richard and Margaret Castle

Matthew and Courtney Conklin

Rita Coyne

Roseanne and Michael Deahl

Kurt Donnelly

Mark and Annette Drobushevich

Cheryl Dubben-Brooks

Judy Elliott

John Ewert

Jane L. and Jack R. Frazelle, Jr.

Rosemary Galvin

Deborah Hawkins

Denny Jacobs & Associates

Claudette M. Jannes

Joyce Jones

Ruth Klouda

Thomas and Deanne Leingang

Liberty Diversified International

Phillip and Chris Lloyd

James and Joann Mack

Gary and Mary Maze

Susan and Christ Mekus

Leanne Meyers

Thomas and Barbara Montgomery

Daniel and Joan Noe

Joseph and Melissa Padesky

Richard & Jan Parsons

Daisy Ploehn

John and Jeanne Punkiewicz

Jill Raisbeck

Joseph Ramos

Troy and Virgilee Sue Reed

Susan Ryder

Sisters of Charity BVM

Linda Small

Dennis Spurgettis

Ms. Jennifer Stender

Marlee Stiener

Michael Stiener

Patricia Anne Stout

David and Malia Sullivan

John Usrey

Melissa Uzzell

Carol Vols


Amanda Blake

Peter Johnson

Linda Leslie

Faith Mowery

Lisa Palmer

Katherine Pisel

Jennifer Risgaard

Michelle Welch

Brian Zimmer

Mia Berry

Mary Cargill

Sara Ellet

Wendy Emerick

Kaylee Nordholm

Samantha Partin

Darcie Strupp

Montelle and Mona Lawson Jr.


Stephen and Marla Andich

Tonya Armstrong

Vanessa Biasi

Doris Carpentier

Tim and Becky Cernin

Stella Clements

David J. and Debra C. Cobert

Candace Compton

Mark Czerwinski

Frank and Theresa Dewaele

Doris Forcade

Richard and Barbara Ford

Matt Fredericks

Ron and Karyn Hanger

Julie Janecek

John and Linda Kleiber

Ronald and Sharon Merideth

Rev. Basil Papanikolaou

Patricia A. Reuter

Judith Rodts

Nancy Saling

Darren Schultz

Jill Setser

Cynthia M. Teague

Wayne F & Ruth Ann Vyncke Living Trust

Larry and Sandy Whitmer

Sharon Young

Richard and Elva Ramser

Joanne Friedrichsen

Connie Mohr-Wright

Susan Murphy

Emily Entsminger

Aaron and Lexi Johnson

Sheila McGinnis

Emmily Tubbs

Susan Arnold

Eugene and Elaine Bouwens

John and Clara Caldwell

Richard and Barbara Gaylord

Barbara Michalek

Margaret Morrissey

Lisa Powell-Williams

Robert and Carol Redpath

Van Meter Donor-Advised Fund – Greater Cedar Rapids Comm

Tami M. Peck

Kelly Freund

Debbie Bohman

Alexandria Mitrisin

Alec Brooks

Sheri K. Elliott

Joaquin and Rose Marie Espejo

K Kelli Feigley

Quincy Gibeau

Brian Menster

Sara Strickland

Tessa Wallace

Ethan Wiley

Steve Ahrens

Jennifer Baldwin