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Custom Corrugated Boxes Made To Order

Technology in box-making equipment provides rapid setup, greater quantity choices, and custom ordering.

Now You Can:

  • Order the exact size

  • Order the exact quantity

  • Order only when needed

  • Replace damaged boxes with the same box style with no minimum

You Don’t Have To:

Ship extra packing materials in boxes that are too large.

Store surplus unused or unwanted boxes.

Ship product in boxes that are not right for the job.

Styles of Custom Boxes

Regular Slotted Container (RSC): This is the most common and economical box style to manufacture. All flaps of an RSC are the same length and meet at the center of the box.

Full Overlap (FOL): This container’s outer flaps overlap which makes it unusually resistant to rough handling. The FOL box design enables it to be stacked on its side because of the extra corrugated board on the top and bottom panels.

Half slotted Corrugated (HSC): This box is a combination shipping and shelf package. The HSC has great resistance to buckling when stacked and is handy in applications where the cover will be removed repeatedly. HSC box covers can vary to extend from one-third of the box depth down to the full box depth.

Five Panel Folder (FPF): When assembled, the FPF has multi-layered corrugated ends that make it an excellent container for shipment of long items of small diameter. The FPF’s design offers extra support to prevent shipped merchandise from piercing through the ends.

Beer Style Tray: This style is used for handling trays or for packaging large thin items in a telescope style carton.

Pads & Inner Packing Pieces: Pads and pieces are used to meet carrier packaging regulations. The inner packing pieces also firmly hold merchandise and offer additional strength and support to the shipping container.

We offer you:

ANY TIME (Standard 1 week delivery. Same day delivery available.)

ANY SIZE (Boxes for baseballs as well as refrigerators)

ANY STYLE (Including all styles listed above)

ANY QUANTITY (One box or 300 – you set the quantity)

Use the form below with your interest or call 309-786-2362 and ask for Peggy.

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