Being kind to the world that sustains and nurtures us is sensible as well as kind.

Build up your small acts of kindness into larger acts of compassion by volunteering for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through The Arc of the Quad Cities Area. Take the initiative to turn your compassion into action!


Complete the appropriate agreement below and mail or contact Suzie White at The Arc building: 4061 9th Street, Rock Island, IL, 61201

For groups of volunteers, please fill out the Organization Volunteer Agreement:

Organization Volunteer AGREEMENT 2015

For individual volunteers, please fill out the volunteer Agreement:

Volunteer AGREEMENT 2015

All volunteers must initial the Rule 50 for Volunteers Agreement:

Rule 50 for Volunteers 4


Thank you to all our FY16 Volunteers:

Thomas and Sandra Cline
Care and Share
Kathleen Anderson
Cathy Anderson
Mary Anne Buress
Ellie Arlt
Denny Baraks
Linda Beale
Laura Brewer
Diane Burgett
Maliek Combs
Kathy Conrad
Kurt Davis
Tracy Davis
Theresa Dewaele
Lori Dixon
Jay Dralle
Matt Fredericks
Sue Gadient
Joey Garcia
Mary Gloeckner
Barb Goettig
Sylvia Greer
Debbie Hasemann
Alex Hayes
Don Healy
Sheila Hendricks
Rock Island Fire Department
Michael J. Williams
Elizabeth James
Eve Kinney
Sharon Kopp
Paulette Kuehl
Flora Lawhorn
Sue Liggitt
Natalie Linville-Mass
Peggy Love
Chelle Mannhardt
Mike McKean
Alaina Mekus
Michele Montford
David Napsky
Kara Parks and Dollar
St.Paul Lutheran Church Volunteers
Jennifer Pauley
Tami Peck
Peggy Peeters
Sigma Pi Delta
Simeon Ray
Kyle Rick
Geneseo Senior Citizens Kitchen Band
Karen Steen
Michaelann Todtz
Keonia Upchurch
Rose Vandeweile
Josie Wahl
Brent Wiese
Dolly Wilson
Dean Wright
Kimberly Wright