Developmental Training Programs

man enjoying music therapy
Developmental Training often includes music & art therapy

Person-centered treatment programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are designed based on individuals’ current skill levels and personal goals of independence and self-sufficiency.  We offer Day Programs at the Opportunity Center in Moline at the Arc Administration Building in Rock Island.  Both locations offer opportunities for a wide spectrum of skill levels and program needs.

The Arc utilizes pet therapy as well as music therapy to develop social skills, cognitive skills, communication, motor skills, and self-expression.  Volunteer “Pet Therapist” Seamus, of the four-legged type, is a welcome visitor around the day program sites.

Therapeutic music sessions led by a Certified Music Therapist help individuals achieve skills such as taking turns, increased attention span, improved gross and fine motor dexterity, increased vocalizations, increased self-esteem, leadership, and a sense of belonging.  Music Therapy sessions are funded in part by a grant from The Wilber L. Burress Endowment.


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