Community Support

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Through The Arc’s community support services, individuals receive one-on-one training and other supports for achieving their personal goals such as earning income and maintaining independence.  Supports may include guidance on budgeting, healthy menu planning, maintaining a safe and affordable residence, or even purchasing one’s own home.  Staff works closely with individuals within their own home environment and also identify opportunities for socialization and group activities so individuals do not feel lonely or isolated and remain an integral, valuable part of the Quad Cities community.


Community Support offers Personal Support Workers (PSW) that are trained and certified as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).  PSW’s are persons you and your family select to assist you with daily activities.  A PSW can come to your home for a few hours each week or several hours daily.  Supports can be provided in areas such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, community integration, preparing meals, transportation, and other activities or independent living skills.


The Arc of the Quad Cities Area advocates for each person so that they can live and recreate in the neighborhood of their choosing, promoting independence, health, and a high quality of life through service provision, monitoring, and robust clinical supports.


For more information or to apply for this service, please fill out information below and someone will reach you shortly.