Strategic Vision (FY17 – FY20)

The Arc of the Quad Cities Area’s Board of Directors laid out a long-term strategic vision that answers the question, “Where do we want to see The Arc in three years?” The strategic vision outlined below will guide decision-making and resource allocation over the next three years. 


In three years The Arc of the Quad Cities Area will be recognized as the leading provider of community-based services in the Quad Cities Area.


New and innovative services will be developed that are based on the needs, preferences, and desires of the people served.


The Arc of the Quad Cities Area’s brand in the community will be synonymous with advocacy for people with disabilities, quality services, financial strength, and viability.


We will be recognized and utilized in the business community as a workforce partner and provider of business solutions.


Throughout the area, The Arc will be known as the destination of choice for direct support professionals and talented support staff.

Mission Statement

The Arc's Mission Statement



To Kathleen, who was honored at The Arc of Illinois Conference as the Quality Intellectual Disabilities Professional of the year. It is a pleasure to work with Kathleen and all the professionals in order to create quality, innovative services for individuals with disabilities. Thank you, Kathleen, for your commitment to making the Quad Cities a community that embraces inclusion for all.

Michael Glanz presents award to Kathleen Anderson at The Arc of Illinois Conference


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