Identifying Signs of Abuse and Advocating to Protect- April 22nd

Identifying Signs of Abuse and Advocating to Protect:


Identifying signs of abuse, neglect (Physical, mental and financial) and advocating to protect those you love. According to the Disability Justice website people with developmental disabilities are four to ten times more likely to suffer abuse than their non-disabled peers. This is a freighting statistic but a reality. Oftentimes the abuser is someone they know and are often repeat offenders who must be stopped. What can we do to safeguard the ones we love? What are the signs we need to look for to identify they may be suffering abuse? What actions can you take when identifying or suspecting abused? The best way to protect the ones we love that are more susceptible to abuse it to educate ourselves and those caring for them.  Be their voice or help them find theirs.


When: April 22nd 6pm-7:30pm VIA ZOOM



Spring Parent Learning Series

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