How Do I Request Services?

If you would like to speak to someone about how The Arc of the Quad Cities Area can help you or a loved one, please call (309) 786-6474 or use the form below.


Suspect an Intellectual or Developmental Disability?

If you think that a loved one has a disability, it is important to have that individual evaluated. An evaluation can confirm or disregard any suspicions you may have, while creating the individual gain proper assistance. The evaluation process will consist of a psychological evaluation and a psychosocial evaluation that will include an assessment of adaptive behavior.


Signs of a disability can occur at different ages, but have an indication that the individual is showing difficulties in doing what others in the same age group are doing. For example, a toddler who still has difficulty in sitting, walking, moving around, or eating; a young child who cannot communicate or understand language spoken to them; a school-aged child who cannot read or learn other school-related tasks; an adult who is not toilet trained or cannot engage in meaningful activities.

Eligibility Requirements

Services may be provided to those who are eligible with documented developmental disabilities, of all ages and their families including individuals with multiple disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, medically fragile individuals, and those with other disabilities that result in impaired intellectual or adaptive functioning.


Each service and support has its own eligibility requirements.