Arc Industries Past, Present, and Future- March 31st & April 1st

Arc Industries Past, Present, and Future:


Arc Industries Sheltered Workshop past/present/future. If you have visited the Arc’s sheltered workshop in the past and think you know what the program is, think again. The Workforce and Innovations Act (WIOA) was signed into law by President Obama on July 1, 2015. Illinois’ Employment First declaration and the national movement towards elimination of subminimum wage are leading us to take a proactive approach to transition the workshop.


What does this mean to the way workshops were operated and who were eligible for employment? What does the workshop look like now? What are the plans for the future? How does this affect the individuals served? And how does The Arc’s Community Employment program play a role?


Presenter- Randy Peeters is the Associate Executive Director of Employment and Vocational Services for the Arc of the Quad Cities Area. Randy was the perfect fit for the job when he accepted this position ten years ago because of his experience as a manufacturing engineer manager with Marley Pump Company, Davenport, IA; Sears Manufacturing Company, Davenport, IA; and Honeywell Safety Products Rock Island, IL. Randy’s main focus is procuring contracts so as to provide employment opportunities for individuals served. He and his staff are always seeking out local business partners, as well as working to secure State and Federal contracts. In addition to Arc Industries Randy oversees the Community Employment program. Randy’s goal is to help transition individuals served from Arc industries where they will learn the skills needed and pad their resumes to seek a competitive job in the community. Randy reports he is proud to be a part of an organization that helps teach living and working skills to individuals with developmental and other disabilities.


When: March 31st from 1pm-2:30pm and

April 1st from 6pm-7:30pm

Both Sessions VIA ZOOM



Spring Parent Learning Series

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