Growing Up” Viewing & Discussion Opportunity 
Growing up isn’t easy and things can even more awkward when you happen to have a disability. “Growing Up” follows the lives of several young people as they navigate the world, this session focuses on Emily who is navigating her newfound independence while also facing another set of challenges like ableism.
Join us at the Moline Library January 12th at 6pm or January 20th at noon for an eye-opening viewing of an episode from the Disney+ docu-series “Growing Up” featuring Emily, a young woman with a disability. Emily once longed for a different life, but when she begins her first writing job she discovers a world beyond her imagination. After watching Emily’s story, we will have a discussion covering the following topics:
  • Self-discovery
  • Acceptance of oneself
  • What is ableism?
  • How can we stop ableism?
  • How does ableism define people with disabilities?
"Growing Up" Viewing and Discussion Opportunity. Join us at the Moline Library January 12th at 6:00 p.m. or January 20th at noon to view and discuss a story that focuses on Emily a young women with disabilities from the Disney + Series "Growing Up"

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