March 4 The Arc: March 2022. Why do you march? The Arc of the Quad Cities Area logo is at the bottom middle of the image

March is National Developmental Disability Awareness Month!


To celebrate, we are working with The Arc of the Quad Cities Iowa to raise $5000 for an activities fund. The fund will benefit people with disabilities and help them get funding to participate in activities around the Quad Cities.


For a long time, people with disabilities haven’t had the same access to their communities. The activities fund is part of a bigger plan to make the Quad Cities Area a more inclusive community.


You can donate or start your own fundraiser to benefit March-4-The Arc through our fundraising website,


Starting your own fundraiser is easy and helps you spread the word of the campaign. The site will guide you through the process of setting up your fundraiser. All of the written components will be filled out for you with your fundraiser’s name.


All month long we will be active on Instagram and Facebook sharing profiles of individuals at The Arc and talking about what inclusive communities look like. If you have stories you would like to share use #March4TheArc and tag us on Facebook or Instagram or email us at


Who do you march for?

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