DSP Week – Kayla Schmidt – CDS

Early on, Kayla knew she wanted to work with people and take care of others. So, she took a CNA class in high school then applied for a position at The Arc following graduation. Kayla has now worked at The Arc for a total of eight years, gaining experience in several positions throughout the agency. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the individuals and having the opportunity to build relationships with the people she serves and assists. Kayla especially loves getting to see the individuals she worked with when she was a supervisor. Kayla has no doubt of the impact of her work. She shared, “I enjoy running into individuals from five years ago and seeing them still remember me and getting excited to see me!” Kayla’s advice to someone interested in working with people with disabilities is simple but poignant, “If you are nervous about working for this population, just go for it and try it! You will end up loving the individuals you work with!”



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