DSP Week – Delwin Perkins – CDS, Arc/Administrative Building

For the past five years, Delwin has worked at The Arc and is currently in a Lead DSP position. He initially gravitated towards the field thanks to a former girlfriend who also worked as a DSP for The Arc. When asked about his role, Delwin stated that he loves his job because he gets help others. In his words Delwin shared, “working with the individuals helps me stay grounded—outside of work, too.”


After surviving a car accident, loss of consciousness, and a broken neck in 2019, Delwin realized he had a greater calling, to be entirely committed to the mission of The Arc and especially the individuals whose lives Delwin impacts each and every day. To this day he believes the reason he was able to walk away from this traumatic accident is that he had a purpose—showing up for the individuals.


His advice to someone interested in the field is to “keep close to your individuals. Don’t depend solely on friendships you make with staff. You need to establish a relationship with your individuals.” For Delwin and many others within the agency, being a DSP is more than a job, it’s a vocation.


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