DSPs Week – Brittany Jefferson – CDS, Arc/Administrative Building


Brittany has always had a passion for helping others and making everyone feel included. She started her career in the care field as a DSP with REM Iowa and has been with The Arc for almost a year now. Her greatest joy is working with and getting to know the individuals. When asked about some of her warmest memories, Brittany stated that she loved working with the folks at 7th St. Brittany felt especially close to one individual in particular, JB. She explained, “JB is the type of individual who starts out very shy but opens up when you get to know them. She loved holding my hand and giving me hugs.”


Brittany’s advice to anyone interested in The Arc is: have patience. “Some individuals have unexpected and challenging behaviors, are non-verbal, and difficult to understand.” She says you need to adapt to them and their environment. “This is their home and we work for them.”



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