DSP Week – Ashlee Fuller – The Arc building

Compared to others working in the field, Ashlee’s introduction to DSP work was quite different. Ashlee’s career started off in a domestic violence shelter where she worked until the organization shut down. That’s what prompted Ashlee to apply for several different jobs, including a DSP position at The Arc. She did not mean to fall in love with DSP work, but did so quickly. Now Ashlee has been dedicated to the agency and the individuals served for six years.


While her introduction to the field was different from other DSPs, what she loves most about her job is much the same. More than anything, Ashlee enjoys the privilege of interacting with individuals with disabilities. In her words, “They lift up your spirits when you are having a bad day.”


Her advice to anyone interested in DSP work is to come with a cheerful, positive attitude. Ashlee explains, “We have such an impact on how their day goes. A lot of them do not have a family; we are their family.”


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