The Autism Society of the Quad Cities (ASQC) will be celebrating Autism Acceptance during the entire month of April. The celebration will culminate with a first ever Virtual Autism Acceptance Walk this year on April 24th. During the month of April there will be many ways to show your support of Autism Acceptance by following the ASQC Facebook page and posting using #celebratedifferences, #Active4AutismQC, #ASQC, and #AutismAcceptance on social media. Then on April 24th we ask that people get active for autism and take a walk in any way that is meaningful to them.


If you plan to partake in the virtual walk please register either through the event page on ASQC’s Facebook or through Eventbrite. Then on the day of walk please take a picture or video and share it with ASQC’s Facebook to show your support for #AutismAcceptance. Giveaways and prizes will be available for those who register!


In the past April has widely been known as “Autism Awareness Month” in the United States. However, today the autism community is calling on all media outlets to shift their language to Autism Acceptance Month in order to match the growing need for acceptance within the community. The shift in the use of terminology aims to foster acceptance to ignite change through improved support and opportunities in education, employment, accessible housing, affordable health care, and comprehensive long-term services.


“Coming together in a new, virtual way this April to support Autism Acceptance highlights the abilities of the autism community to adapt, change and be creative when faced with challenges” said Barrett Essman, President of the ASQC Board.


The ASQC is a nonprofit charitable corporation founded in 2004 and is part of the Autism Society of America which is the nation’s oldest leading grassroots organization dedicated to the needs and advocacy of people with autism. In 1972, the Autism Society launched the first annual National Autistic Children’s week, which evolved into Autism Acceptance Month. This April, we continue our efforts to spread awareness, promote acceptance, and ignite change.


The ASQC recognizes that the prevalence of autism in the United States has risen from 1 in 125 children in 2010 to 1 in 59 in 2020. Recognizing this increase in prevalence the ASQC continues to see a need to provide education, support and advocacy in the Quad Cities area to maximize the potential of people with autism.

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