Every year, The Arc honors donors who have reached milestones in their giving, and any individuals who have passed over the previous year at the Honor Tree ceremony. As you can imagine, The Arc uses the imagery and stability of a tree to symbolize the ebb and flow of life and how these forces affect life in the natural world and life within The Arc. In the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, a tree gives a boy, what it has to offer, over and over again until it is a stump that the much older boy uses to rest.

But trees are much more than these commodities. They give us food and oxygen, help stabilize and cool the environment, enrich the soil, and as many scientists are now discovering – give to and support one another within a forest ecosystem. Many of the services trees provide can’t even be measured. Trees and forests give slowly, if we sit back and let them. Leaving a legacy also fits the analogy provided by trees.  However giving in this manner is less like the Giving Tree model of giving commodities (fruit, wood, etc.). They are much closer to giving of services provided by forests (oxygen, clean air, and water). Benefactor forests provide for us definitively, providing the services we all depend on in perpetuity.

By including The Arc of the Quad Cities Area in your Will, Trust, or beneficiary designation, you pass on a gift of essential services that support the full inclusion and participation in community life of people with disabilities, now and in the future. Your gift provides The Arc with a stable, permanent source of funds for the betterment of The Arc’s essential supports and services.

Legacy giving is giving slowly and on a much, much longer timeline than anyone can imagine. Rather than a single gift at one point in time, it is giving a system of supports that will sustain the lives of others.

If you would like more information about ways to leave a legacy or to speak to someone about making a gift please contact The Arc’s Development Director at (309) 429-6067 or wrights@arcqca.org. Thank you.

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