Every year The Arc reports on a years progress and triumphs in one Annual Report. Fiscal Year 19’s Annual Report link is below. It covers the time frame from 7.1.2018 to 6.30.2019. Click on the image below to see the entire report.


First Page of FY19 Annual Report


The Arc values diversity and inclusion of people of allabilities. We believe that welcoming differences, encouraging new ideas, listening to and learning from each other, and providing opportunities for greater engagement with community activities, enriches the lives of everyone.

The Arc has a been built upon a solid foundation that‘s been fortified by these ideals. We’ve constructed a solid system off supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This system focuses on advocacy, independence, employment, meaningful community life, and personal happiness.


Each service is designed to empower people with disabilities to believe in their own unique abilities and achieve their full potential. The Arc’s essential services and the people we serve are resting on The Arc’s foundation. However, it requires ongoing effort and support to make sure it is solid when things go wrong, so we can weather any of life’s storms. We are grateful for the strides we have madetoward perfecting each service, for the community support that fortifies the integrity of the entire system, and the careful interplay of services that enhances the well-being of the people we serve.


In fiscal year 19, The Arc made great strides in perfecting our mission outlined in this report.


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