For Christmas Presents for Individuals in Need at Christmas Time

Janis and Todd Haugen
Catherine and Benjamin Olvera
Barb Goettig

In honor of Christine Vroman

Danish Sisterhood #3
Francis and Sue Vroman
John and Rosa Vroman
John and Rosa Vroman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wood

In honor of Gina Marsh

James B. Marsh

In honor of Kathleen Anderson

David Napsky

In honor of Sarah Clark

Christine Marckese

In honor of Stacey Douglas

Stephen R. Haines

In memory of Cathy Carroll

John and Susan Crampton

In memory of Christine Nelson

Stephen and Jane Alexander
Mark and Darla Anderson
Darlene Baum
Roger Bengtson
Raymond and Doris Bergles
Deborah Brown
Karen and Michael Clark
Gladys Swanson
Gladys Nmae Hultine Living Trust
Arvid and Carol Hagberg
Susan Hanford
Deborah Hawkins
Randall and Nancy Iverson
Janice Nelson
Virgil and Marilyn Juliot
Jerry and Virginia Klavohn
Julie Leiter
William Nelson
William Nelson
John and Jeanne Punkiewicz
Doris Swanson
Melinda Wildermuth

In memory of Daniel Dawson

Darline Akins

In memory of Fran DeWispeleare

Marie De Wispelaere

In memory of John Kerscheiter

Linda LaPorte

In memory of Rob Tolmie for residential activities

Louise Ramirez
David J. and Debra C. Cobert
Michael and Sharon Dedoncker
Emma M. and Suzanne M. Hoke, Trustees
Susan and James Holland
Scott Maess
Amy Maxwell
Richard and Sharon Tolmie

In memory of Rose Van de Wiele

Albert and Kathleen DeBo
Kathleen DeBo
Robert and Anna DeBo
Frank and Theresa Dewaele
Joseph and Marlene Drish
Julie and Stanley Engstrom
James and Vickie Henry
Richard and Barbara Kraft
Robert and Susan Krutsinger
J.T. and Luella Laden
Mike and Cathy Lowe Family
Kerry Mackey
Elizabeth Pilotte
Mary Poelvoorde
Russell Construction Co Inc.
William and Mary Sterba
Van Hoe Funeral Home
Janice and Daniel Wessel

In memory of Virginia Ellison

Julia and Gary Oakland
The Planning Center


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