Man with intellectual disabilities makes a cool gesture at the camera while leaning on a car. James O’Connor was traveling to the Quad Cities to visit family in DeWitt, Iowa from his home in the Twin Cities when the transmission started to slip near the Casey’s General Store just as he arrived in town. With hazards on, he was able to bring the van he uses to transport furniture and antiques for his business, Sleek Lines Furniture, to its final destination. A quick search online, led James to The Arc’s website where, after inputting his vehicle’s information, he was contacted by the towing company and the vehicle was processed for donation to The Arc of the Quad Cities Area. Says James of the experience, “There were no headaches involved, no hurdles, no hoops, the process was really seamless.”


Fast forward to two years later, James makes the same trek this time in a different van toward family in the Quad Cities and the same scenario played out at the same location by the Casey’s General Store in DeWitt. “The transmission started to slip at the exact location from two years earlier. It was a case of déjà vu, limping back with the hazards on the whole thing,” says James of the experience. So it was the natural order of events that James filled out another form on The Arc of the Quad Cities Area’s website at for his second donation. “Again, the process was easy, efficient and goes to a great cause.” Two car donations – one extraordinary set of circumstances.


Let circumstances nudge you to make a donation of your vehicle to The Arc. If you have a vehicle that you would like to donate, go to The Arc of the Quad Cities Area’s website at Someone will contact you to process your vehicle and turn it into services for people with disabilities. It’s easy and supports great things.

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